A High Environmental Value certified wine

Our winemakers, highly skilled in wine growing, belonging to families working in wine for decades, Regis Mollex and Pierre Alain Vionnet, maintain permanently the prestige of this outstanding wine. They come from a new generation of young, dynamic and talented winegrowers, who share their knowledge using eco-friendly working methods.

In April 2019, the vineyard got the High environmental Value certification, the aim is to protect the biodiversity in the vineyard by adapting the use of treatments and by providing the right amount of products. For the soils, they are worked mechanically with organic fertilization and treatments

“WE ARE CONSTANTLY STRIVING FOR PERFECTION. tHE SOIL, THE CLIMATE AND THE ECOSYSTEM’s Richness are valuable assets and a guarantee of the very high quality of our wines”.

A preserved vineyard


Thanks to a South orientation, Bel air’s vines enjoy an abundant sunshine, which represents about 1600 hours of sun per year.

At the crossroads of the last oceanic influences and the south winds along the Rhone Valley, this climate provides a continuous and natural air renewal to the vineyard estate.


The vineyard lies on valleys and Jurassic faults, enjoying a 7 ha continuous clay-limestone soil.

The heat is absorbed by the stones during the day, and released at night, which keeps the grape vines at a constant temperature and helps grape ripening.


Bel Air vineyard is composed of 4 grape varieties :

Chardonnay 70 %
Pinot Noir 10 %
Mondeuse 15 %
Roussane 5 %

The vineyard is certified “High Environmental Value” on a preserved land isolated from any intensive agriculture or outside pollution.